Availability and Messaging System (AMS)

There is a need for Fire and Emergency NZ to have accurate, up-to-date information about the availability of volunteers and the wider organisation (for example Incident Management teams) to respond to fires and emergencies.

An AMS Reference Group of key operational stakeholders including UFBA/FRFANZ members to give a volunteer perspective have helped confirm business requirements.

The next step is to build a small scale model (prototype) of what an AMS could look like and how it will work in a mobile environment.

Over the next two months the Reference Group will be involved in workshops to test the prototype and give feedback.

Fire and Emergency NZ will then go out to tender to select a supplier to develop a full AMS solution that will improve the ability to manage personnel availability for fires and emergencies.

Download the Availability and Messaging System (AMS) Dec 2017 Update here

Or visit the Portal at https://portal.fireandemergency.nz/projects-and-programmes/integration-phase/workstreams/infrastructure/availability-and-messaging-system/