Our Operating Model – an update from Rhys Jones

Hi everyone,

You will know we have been working on the high level design of the Operating Model. Some of you have been involved in this work, and over recent weeks there have been discussions about the key areas of focus we have landed on.

It is crucial that as we build the new Fire and Emergency New Zealand that each of us leads the changes we are making and help our people understand what we are doing and why.

A key part of that is equipping you with consistent, meaningful information to use with your people.

Attached you will find a communications pack to help you discuss with your people the features that may be contained in a proposed Operating Model. Please use your usual meetings and general conversations to talk through this material. The information provided covers a wide range of material, so please feel free to use what you think is relevant to your area and the interests of your people. (Leaders Brief – 2 March – Fire and Emergency NZ Operating Model)

When having your conversations, I ask that you encourage people to look to the future and see the opportunities and benefits for us and the communities we serve.

As I said in my recent video from the West Coast, the Operating Model will help us to work out three key things:

  • How we will integrate urban and rural operations
  • What strategic national headquarters capability we need
  • The culture we want for our new organisation

More context is also available on the Integration pages of the Portal.

If you or your people have questions or wish to provide feedback, please talk to your manager, a member of the Strategic Leadership Team, or email myvoice@fireandemergency.nz

Rhys Jones

Chief Executive