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Merger Updates


FENZ Brigade Members

In 2017, UFBA and FRFANZ Associations voted for change – to merge the two organisations.  In 2018, we engaged with members from both Associations across NZ and proposed how we may best go about the merger.

2019 saw UFBA members vote to formally adopt a new constitution that would allow FRFANZ member brigades to merge into the UFBA. The processes around the merger will continue throughout 2020.


17.2 Member Acceptance of FRFANZ Brigades
The Chief Executive will exercise on the Date of Adoption the power set out in Rule 4.2(c) and deem that FRFANZ members, who are “Associate Members” as that term is defined in the FRFANZ Articles of Constitution dated July 2014, be admitted as Brigade Members of the Association.

17.3 Life Member Acceptance of FRFANZ Life Members On the Date of Adoption the Board shall be deemed, pursuant to Rule 4.3(c), to have recognised FRFANZ members, who are “Life Members” as that term is defined in the FRFANZ Articles of Constitution dated July 2014, be recognised as Life Members of the Association.

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The UFBA supports, represents and unites fire brigade personnel throughout New Zealand. All types of brigades are welcome as UFBA members – their membership consists of urban, rural, paid, volunteer, industry, airport, and defence brigades.  Discover more about their values and history here.

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Non-FENZ Brigade Members

Established in 2020, Tāngata Matatau was born out of the merger of the United Fire Brigades’ Association (UFBA) and Forest and Rural Fire Association NZ (FRFANZ) in 2019. It was established to provide a non-profit peak body for non-Fire and Emergency brigades and emergency sector-related parties. Tāngata Matatau seeks to unify the sector to come together, collaborate in areas of common interest and assist government agencies (and others) to engage with a diverse range of stakeholders.

Who They Are:
A sector group that brings together any individuals, organisation or agency associated with fire services, emergency services, emergency management, or any other matter where members have a common interest and reason to work together related to the Association’s Purposes, within New Zealand or abroad.
Why They Exist
Rather than individual organisations working alone, we bring them together for a strong collaborative approach, knowledge sharing, and to provide a collective voice, where relevant, to shape changes affecting the sector.
With options for small to mid-sized organisations, large organisations, individual and associate members, there’s opportunity for everyone with a vested interest in emergency management to be a part.



FRFANZ is a national association that represents people and organisations concerned with fire and fire protection in the forests and rural areas of New Zealand. Responsibility for fires in these areas lies with Fire Emergency New Zealand (FENZ); Fire and Emergency New Zealand was formally established on 1 July 2017, after the New Zealand Fire Service, the National Rural Fire Authority, and 86 Rural Fire Authorities which covered 97% of land area in New Zealand, amalgamated to form one new organisation. Fire Emergency New Zealand has nationwide responsibility for fire safety, firefighting, hazardous substance incident response, vehicle extrication and urban search and rescue. FRFANZ’s role is to develop and provide communication links between all those involved in rural fire from the fire fighters to national administrators. The Association meets its role in many ways, including holding conferences with overseas speakers, promoting rural fire competitions, sharing information, lobbying, assisting with the publication of research reports, and providing service honours to fire fighters.

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